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Using our patented software, build complete web-based applications with no programming or coding needed.

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    Website, Basic CRM, Basic AP/AR and 5 Web Forms.

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    Website, Full CRM, Full AP/AR, Basic Reporting and 10 Web Forms.

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    Website, Full CRM, Full AP/AR/GL, Full Reporting and Unlimited Web Forms.

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    Per Year

    Our flexible and extensible software can be customized to meet almost any business need. Call today for a no-cost, no obligation consultation.

    Feature Comparison
    Standard Professional Enterprise On-Site License
    Online UsersNo Limit No Limit No Limit No Limit
    Number Of Pages3 10 20 Unlimited
    Number Of Entities 5 20 100 Unlimited
    Full text Search
    Column Sorting
    Easy User Access Administration
    Cell Styling Logic
    Public Website Pages
    Anonymous Forms (Survey)
    Data Entry Only Forms
    Website SEO
    (Search Engine Optimization)
    Mobile Column Hiding
    Tablet Column Hiding
    Mobile/Tablet Support
    Row "Copy"
    Download as Excel File
    Customizable HTML Forms
    Scanning Integration
    Change Logging
    Scheduled Email Of Data
    Custom Form Styling
    Document Storage
    Self-Service Password Reset
    One-click Page Export/Import
    Install Page Templates from our Library
    Pay-Per-User Services.
    White Labeling
    REST Integration
    Data Transfer 150 MB/Month 500 MB/Month 1024 MB/Month Unlimited
    Support Knowledge
    Training & Education * 3 Hours (Credits) 10 Hours (Credits) 20 Hours (Credits) 30 Hours (Credits)
    Integrate with SQL Server
    Integrate with Rocket U2
    Integrate with MySQL
    Custom App Integration
    Optional HIPPA Compliance

    * - No cost credit hours require a minimum agreement.